with production slated for the Babylon project almost finished our focus now
will be on export
slated for A(Aを予定されている、予定している)

the production line here has already increased its output by
as much as 20 percent

quite a sight to behold

oh dear it feels like I’m living in a dream

no matter how many days I spend here 50 years ago Shino Hara and I started with a small factory workshop providing spare parts for American military trucks

then we went to manufacturing equipment when Asuma was born we got involved with industrial robots and now these behemoth Labour’s are coming off our lines

but now here I am left out in the cold

I tried my best to keep up with system engineering and fifth generation computers but I’m at a loss it’s a sad state of affairs when you were washed-up old engineer like me

I must say yeah I know it’s pretty much the same way from me

they may put me on
some pedestal about being the god of vehicle maintenance but with software and just another near fight

I can’t come close to keeping up with Shige and the younger kids under me

come on now mister ceccacci well I don’t see the point of
two old obsolete engineers licking each other’s wounds I’m just telling it like
it is one thing’s for sure no matter how fancy or advanced the technology gets
one thing don’t change people who make them people who keep them running and
the people who drive them and as long as the people don’t mess up the machines
won’t mess with you mr. jutsu Yama I’m not here as the head of the maintenance
crew to meet the suppliers factory Foreman we’re both engineers to spend
more time with machines and we have with our own wives so I want you to be frank
with me when I ask you this that Hoshi about tell me is that software kosher of
all the things I thought you’d ask we put our company’s whole reputation on
the line releasing Hoss it’s been very popular with users at all the
construction sites in shorten the construction timeframe of the Babylon
project by 30% that is not what I asked
how about it it’s absolutely safe and I personally guarantee it
right okay copying all done huh a copy of the
hawser disk
how about a Chiho bar a hobo huh sounds like Jehovah
it just keeps on spreading we have no idea how but sir if we did that do it
now cut all the power central server immediately don’t forget that all of our
factories are interconnected you hear me
whoa man was I ever surprised did you leave anything that they could trace
back to us of course not but the only people with the access code to that room
are good old g2 Yama and me they’re bound to figure it out yes we won’t be
showing our faces around there for a while but we sure did score big time if
the master copy disk contains a program that can wreak havoc like that and
nobody at chin O’Hara has cracked the Hoskote yet that means that the 8,000 or
so Labour’s in the greater Tokyo area are running a suspect OS that’s a total
enigma that’s just wonderful listen Ozma some of the smarter folks
are gonna start raising a fuss about this sooner or later our little lady’s
gonna catch on we got to get this thing all cleared up soon as we can
yes sir